Team Coaching

Project description:

Team coaching is a process thanks to which a team my overcome some difficulty, make a step forward in development or discuss some important topics under the supervision of a coach who plays the role of a moderator and facilitator. Your team need moderated meeting? We will design its course and agenda. 
Team coaching takes rather more than one meeting – it may be necessary to organize a series of 3-6 developmental sessions. 

What results you may expect? You decide! The goals of the team coaching are set during the first meeting – they might be also developed by the whole team, which guarantees full engagement and focus.
The process of team coaching  looks like this:

1. discussing the team’s needs 
2. setting the goals 
3. working together on reaching them both during sessions and between them
4. assessing the whole process and discussing the results

Project highlights: 

  • tailored to the team’s needs
  • specific goals
  • engaging methods

Organisational details and pricing:  

Number of participants: 
5 – 150

 1 – 3 hours

100 e/hour

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