Digital Art Building

Project description:
The project begins with a warm up, during which the participants have the delegates have the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better and present themselves in a different way than usual. After a short introduction, they create a real masterpiece – a piece of art made of people that are in the organization. Each ZOOM box becomes one piece of puzzle that put together transform into a unique picture. In order to succeed everybody has to engage, cooperate and communicate – which add to the project a developmental value. 

Being responsible just for one, single part makes it visible for the participants that in their organization they are also a part of a bigger mechanism that functions well only if there is reciprocal support and trust. 
The masterpiece created during this project might become a decoration that will be a nice keepsake as well as a reminder of a simple truth – only together we can succeed.
Project highlights: 

  • building a sense of unity
  • integration
  • great fun
  • energy booster

Organisational details and pricing:  

Number of participants: 
50 – 500


 1 – 1,5 hours
ca. 20 e/person

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