Game: The Cube

team building game

Project description:

The Cube is a unique game made of virtual plot inspired by a famous movie and team building tasks. This combination offers the participants a challenge, an engaging activity and, last but not least, an opportunity to work on cooperation and communication in the team.

Being closed with your team in one room probably happened more than once but never before was it so difficult to get out of it. Six door, six possibilities, various consequences, losses or gains. If you want to survive you will effectively cooperate, communicate smoothly and make quick and smart group decisions. 
The Cube was designed for the most demanding players. The game form is always adjusted to the specific needs of the client and goals of the meeting – the players face different team-building tasks that are chosen from a wide variety at the preparation stage. 

The game is led by a trainer who facilitates its course and reviews each challenge upon its completion. What the team liked about their performance? What would they do differently next time? What is their lesson learned? Time spent on reflection guarantees that the team will not only be more integrated but also motivated and more cautious about what kind of team they wish to be on a regular basis. 

Project highlights: 

  • boosting the team’s energy
  • training the chosen skills
  • space for discussion 
  • agenda perfectly tailored to your team specific needs

Organisational details and pricing: 

Number of participants: 
5 – 150

 1 – 3 hours

ca. 30 e/person

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