Home Office team building

Project description: 

Home office team building is an original online attraction. During the project the participants engage into various team building activities that give them an opportunity to relax and establish new relationships. 

When the employees work in home office mode the interactions with colleagues are limited to formal, work-related meetings  and videoconferences. Informal meetings at the office kitchen, getting to know somebody during the lunch break or common coffees are impossible. Social context which is crucial for wellbeing almost does not exist. 

It has been proven that social support is a mediating factor between the amount of online work, and exhaustion and lack of engagement. 

Home office online team building was designed for remote teams that lack opportunities to get to know each other informally. It takes a form tailored to a specific team needs. Game, on line scavenger hunt or maybe coaching? You decide. 

Project highlights: 

  • establishing new relationships
  • strengthening the bonds within the team
  • great fun
  • boosting the team spirit

Organisational details and pricing:  

Number of participants: 
5 – 150

 1 – 3 hours

ca. 30 euro/person