Game: Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible consists of two modules – practical and theoretical.
In the practical module the participants find themselves as a members of a tribe that has lost in the jungle. Luckily, the meet a shaman who knows the way out. But he will not give them information for free! In order to get out of the jungle, the group has to face challenges, the amount and variety of which suggests that in fact, as in the title, this is an unfeasible task.

How to share roles?

Who is to be the coordinator?
How to allocate resources?

For these and other questions typical for teamwork, participants must find answers – and under time pressure!

Challenges are humorous (eg. dancing a moon dance with everyone involved), which promotes a good atmosphere, building motivation and relationships between participants.

Activity includes many analogies to the real challenges faced by employees every day. In the theoretical module, during the discussion, the participants share their insights on their cooperation and find examples taken from everyday work, the echoes of which they noticed during the workshop. The formula allows for the exchange of experiences and effective practices in team work. The process is supervised by the trainer who moderates the discussion and shares his knowledge of Scale of Cooperation – a simple tool that allows to easily asses the condition of a team and know the steps to boost their cooperation. More information about Scale of Cooperation here. 

Will you manage to get out of the jungle? Check with us!

Project highlights: 

  • unique group task
  • challenges inspired by everyday work
  • learning through experience
  • increasing motivation of participants
  • the possibility of adapting the scenario to set goals

Organisational details and pricing:  

Number of participants: 
5 – 150

 1 – 3 hours

ca. 30 euro/person

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