Team Espresso – short meetings

Morning Espresso is a series of short meetings focused exactly on what is needed by the team. Perfectly tailored agenda designed to satisfy your team!

If you want to develop specific skills:

During each meeting the participants get to know one chosen technique, that they will use in practice between the meetings during normal workdays. Such structure makes the process of acquiring skills effective ad easy. The new skills are instantly transferred to practice. 

….or just fill the social distance gap:

The facilitator is focused on creating space for comfortable chat that gives the opportunity to feel the sense of unity and build a team spirit. The offered activities engage the team, make them communicate, exchange ideas or just present themselves from a different side than usually.

In our team there are specialists in different fields of expertise – communication, motivation, cooperation, team building, coaching. All of them have vast experience in working with teams. After detailed needs analysis we can suggest topics, that we find useful in your team’s case. Is it effective feedback and remote communication or maybe your team just misses seeing each other – we will find the solution for you!

Sample topics:

Stress reduction

1. Recognizing emotional states
2. Auto-coaching and coping with stress
3. Mindfulness method 
4. Relaxation method

Effective communication
1. Assertiveness as an attitude 
2. Expressing needs and expectations 
3. Giving positive feedback
4. Assertive NO

Communication in remote teams

1. Communication in remote conditions
2. How to prevent misunderstanding 
3. How to deal with conflicts

Project highlights: 

  • boosting the team’s energy
  • training the chosen skills
  • space for discussion 
  • agenda perfectly tailored to your team specific needs

Organisational details and pricing:  

Number of participants: 
5 – 50


 40 min – 1 hour
ca. 50 e/person

Sounds interesting? Contact us!