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Online team building for remote and virtual teams.

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Did you know that...?

Despite many advantages, remote work in a longer run can lead to a number of negative consequences?

Emotional exhaustion

Stress and social isolation, lack of the possibility to unwind difficult emotions with colleagues lead to frustration, increased stress and fatigue.

Poor engagement

Remote team members feeling lonely and tired tend to engage less and less. They only focus on what is absolutely necessary. Such attitude influences the overall effectiveness and results as well as other employees.


Work deprived of the key social factors - informal relationships and spontaneus interactions - starts to be frustrating and tiring. Difficult emotions appear more often and - without social support - might lead to professional burnout.

Organisational support prevents a number of negative consequences related to remote work!*

*Bentley, T. A., Teo, S. T. T., McLeod, L., Tan, F., Bosua, R., & Gloet, M. (2016). The role of organisational support in teleworker wellbeing: A socio-technical systems approach. Applied Ergonomics52, 207-215. Click
*Charalampous, M., Grant, C. A., Tramontano, C., & Michailidis, E. (2019). Systematically reviewing remote e-workers’ well-being at work: a multidimensional approach. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology28(1), 51-73. Click

Make sure your workers receive organizational support!
Consider wise team building activities.

A team building activity brings people together, makes them feel taken care of, supports relationships within a team and makes it possible to meet and see each other in spite of distance. 

A great solution for remote teams!

Check out our team building programs!!!


Our games are fun, interactive and provide opportunity to get to know each other better. Each is led by facilitator who makes sure the group is enjoying the time spent together.

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible is an engaging group activity in which the team faces a seemingly unfeasible task.

Aliens' Invasion

Aliens' invasion is an engaging online team building game with cosmic plot in the background. Numerous interactions and challenges guarantee full engagement.

The Cube

Fun and engaging game based on the movie "The Cube". Are you able get out of the cube with your team? Engaging tasks combined with intriguing plot.

Creative and Fun Challenges

These activities vary much but have one thing in common – wake up our creative brain cells and provoke many uncontrolled outburst of laughter. 

LipDub online

Home office team building is an original online attraction. During the project the participants engage into various team building activities that give them an opportunity to relax and establish new relationships.

Digital Art Building

Let your team feel the sense of unity whilst creating a picture - unique picture made of their own faces! Creative and fun process that will enhance any meeting or conference!

Interactive Quiz

A quiz is a great opportunity to have some fun together - it will add entertainment to every conference or meeting. With our host and her witty remarks it will certainly be a fun experience!

Various Activities

In this category you will find activities that... do not fit to the above categories. They all have the same goal - bringing your team closer together.

Fun Conference Breaks

We offer a series of short team bonding activities which take place during a conference or meeting break. It allows the participants to feel a little bit more "together" and provides opportunity for networking and getting to know each other.

Home office Team Building

Home office team building is an original online attraction. During the project the participants engage into various team building activities that give them an opportunity to relax and establish new relationships.

Team Coaching

Online meeting led by an experienced facilitator for teams that are facing a specific challenge and need support in the process of planning and generating solutions.

Team Espresso

A series of short online meetings adapted to the team's specific needs. No chance to have a real coffee together? Then let's chat and feel some sense of unity.


Online interactive activities focused on employees wellbeing - office yoga, everyday mindfulness, relaxation and more.


The program was prepared and tailored to our needs. Positive atitude, energy of trainers and taking care of the atmosphere helped us to acomplish our goals!
Magdalena Maciaszek
Opperative Specialist
We enjoyed the final effect of team work as well as the atmosphere during creative attempts of our team.

Natalia Skiba
Marketing Specialist
Contradictionary to my worries, the team really did engage and the final effect will be a source of joy for a long time!

Monika Radomska
Digital Marketin Manager

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